Hi my name is Shawn Maftounian

I'm Persian-Australian have been living in Australia since 2012 and have been transforming lives of aussies and people around the world since then.


🏆 #1 Personal Trainer in Sutherland Shire, Sydney

🏆 #1 F45 Regional, 45days challenge WINNER in Queensland, Goldcoast

🏆 #1 Anytime Fitness, 8 Week Challenge Grand Prize WINNER Australia Wide

🏆 #1 International Mentee Personal Trainer of the year In Vision Network

🥇 Wrestling champion

🥇 Jiu-Jitsu champion

🥉 Top 3 IFBB Pro League Bodybuilding

🎖 Olympic National Wrestling Camp RIO 2016

🏅 Spartan World Championship Qualifier

🎓 Sports management B.Sc from Griffith University

🎓 Qualified personal trainer level 3 & 4

🎓 Qualified Crossfit Coach level 1

🎓 Qualified Advanced Nutrition level 1

I have helped hundreds of clients both online and face-to-face for almost a decade, and now I want to help YOU achieve your body goals.

From the experience and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my competitive career and academics, I have been able to gather not only evidence-based information but also practical to help you get your desired body goals and staying away from injuries.

All the info you can find here is tested and trusted to help you to level up your fitness and knowledge.
You too can get the exact results as others have when your mind and body are aligned with the right planning and execution.

Anytime Fitness

Grand Prize Winner Australia wide
8-week Challenge

Vision Personal Training

In Vision Network
International Mentee Personal Trainer of the Year

F45 Training

Broadbeach Goldcoast
45 Days Regional Challenge