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True Grit Australia

Services Provided:
• A MILITARY INSPIRED OBSTACLE CHALLENGE that is stretched out over 10km+, participants will tackle 30+ obstacles to cross that finish line victorious and earn that finisher t-shirt and whole heap of fun doing it

Benefits for clients:

• Can set as a Fitness goal to do something fun and getting fit for
• Hitting weekly goals (could include losing weight and increasing fitness level)
• Motivation to aim for end results and testing it
• Discount code for the registration of the event
• A real sense of community & comradery led by Shawn for the client's in the NSW race.

Vaughan Hay Personal Development Coach

4 Week Online Course ``Building the Foundation``
Vaughan created a 4-week online course called ‘Building the Foundation’ which is designed to help the individual discover a lot about themselves and unlock those hidden gems within to help enhance their life going forward, as well as gaining tools to create and/or strengthen the foundation (mindset) to help deal with challenging moments in life and how to build individual resistance for a more fulfilled life.

The course will help with developing:

• Healthy routines
• Identify key limiting beliefs
• Emotional behaviors
• Improving self-talk
• Motivation
• Creating a greater level of confidence within ourselves.

Shawn's clients will have 20% discount code for this course.