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31 Jan
Another major WIN  for my online client Parham Hamidian and for me as a coach
It’s been a couple of years for Parham to drop a few kilos and gain it back, a roller coaster game which everyone go though in their own fitness and life journey.
He found it hard to go gym by himself so he decided to join a group training environment. but soon after he found a halt on his weight loss, no matter how hard he was training, how many times per week or even twice a day training body weight wont budge.
he reached out to me and explained what was happening.
I assessed he’s lifestyle, sleep patterns, eating habits and stress levels and 2 weeks trial programs outside of the F45 to keep him accountable to all those noted above.
within first two weeks he dropped 3kg, to his surprise ! but to me it was all calculated and knew it was going to happen within a few tweaks.
He said F45 has a challenge around the corner I want to be a part of it and win it.
I said you’ve got the right guy on your corner.
No other personal Trainer In Australia has ever won as much challenges in different fitness companies as I have.
So we mapped out the road and got to work.
The results once again, Speaks for itself:
F45 Training

45days regional challenge down in Broadbeach,Goldcoast

Lost 7kg in 45 days
20kg in 12 weeks
I have achieved great things in my life
Nothing is more satisfying for me than my clients, friends and family wins
Parham is all the above
Great job my man coach is proud
27 Jan

International Personal Trainer Mentee of the year 2017 across all Vision Network.

I’m proud and honored to be recognized as that title, across Australia and New Zealand in more than 500 personal trainers and 54 studios.

It was one of my biggest goals of 2017 that I set out to achieve and have become a reality and one of my most proud moments.


Being recognized as one of the best Personal Trainers in a Personal Training Business is a big deal in such a saturated industry.

I never focused on anything but getting the best version out of my client’s, whether be fatless, fitness, muscle gain or competitions  with practical and results proven methods, the rest, the accolades came as a result of that process.

















My father always told me that is
” Son , hard work always pays off , if you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and know that you’ve done your absolute best , slowly but surely the work you put in, will reward you in ten fold ” and yes the wise man was right it sure it come back in ten fold and over.

Changing peoples lives for better is what I strive for and so blessed to be the best at it.

27 Jan


Mario has had his share of experience in exercise and weight loss journey in the past 10 years or so but when I first met Mario according to him, he was in his worst shape of his life.

His best friend had passed away and few ups and downs in recent times in his personal life that was much taxing on his body and mind, so he turned into quick fixes like many rather than root of problems.

When was ready for a change because he released that quick fixes will only lead to his fatal fate like his mate.

wanted to stay around for his kids and set an example for them, as father and as a person who never give up.

We worked together day and night inside the gym training and outside of the gym accountability to his food plans and sure enough he listened, was coachable and implemented everything he was asked to do.


the results speaks for it self:

13kg loss in 8 weeks & 15cm off his waistline 

Won Anytime Fitness 8 week challenge grand prize  Australia Wide in 2019 and have won $5000 cash prize money


Here is the story showed by Anytime Fitness Headquarters on his journey 

click on this link below to see his interview