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21 Apr

“I’ve trained with Shawn for the past four years and he has been an amazing mentor and coach for both my physical and mental health and well being.

He has challenged me to achieve things I never thought possible such as Tough Mudder/Spartan Beast and encouraged me every step of the way.

An amazing trainer who will guide you to achieve your goals.”

21 Apr

“I have known Shawn as a trainer for many years, at our last gym Shawn was fully booked out and had so many clients that I was not able to train with him.  However as they say great things come to those that wait.  I have now been training with Shawn for 3 years.

Shawn provides the best combination of physical training, nutritional advice, information on the body dynamics and general wellbeing, as well as emotional support.  At every session Shawn pushes and encourages me to the max, to help me achieve things that I thought I could never do. He tailors the sessions according to the individual’s interests and goals. Shawn constantly shares research and information that he has found to empower and educate his clients. For Shawn the client is at the core of his work, and everything is done with the maximum of effort and the minimum of fuss.

Recently the long journey that Shawn has been on with me culminated in losing almost 30cm overall and being the female winner of 30 day challenge only second to the major award in Sutherland shire for the Miranda, Caringbah and Cronulla studios.  This was purely due to Shawn being the constant in supporting and driving me to my goals, as well as keeping me accountable.

In essence Shawn is a unique trainer in what he offers to his clients, an expert in his field, a mentor and support, but most importantly a great friend for a chat and a laugh. His words of wisdom have certainly influenced my life.  These special qualities which impact on how he approaches his profession, results in the creation of a very supportive community among him and his clients.

Shawn will be beside you on your journey to achieve your goals.

A multitude of “thank yous” to you Shawn.”


20 Apr

Shawn is simply the best. He has helped me to change my habits and to become a better version of myself. He legitimately cares about my progress and is always happy to help me with any questions I had. I’ve lost 15kg already my fitness and my posture has never been better thanks to his expertise. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

19 Apr

“Shawn trained me for several years and really helped me understand the importance of not just lifting weights and doing cardio, but looking after your nutrition and your mental wellbeing.

His self-dedication to his own goals is very motivational and his knowledge of fitness and health is excellent. I learnt so much from Shawn about setting goals, losing weight, gaining muscle, nutrition, weight training techniques and much more, with his guidance I’ve completed several half & full marathons. I am a better and healthier man thanks to Shawn!

He tailor to your goals and break it into details, highly recommend him.”

19 Apr

“When I first started with Shawn it was back in Vision Personal Training when I needed to drop a few kgs for a friends wedding.
Within 9 weeks I lost 10 kgs !
I couldn’t have been happier which is why we set a new goal to add on some lean mass.
Over the next 16 weeks I was able to add on 6kgs of lean body mass, ran a Half Marathon, completed multiple Spartan races and progressed in my career tremendously.
I can’t say enough how grateful I am, this has changed my life for the better ! “

19 Apr

“Shawn has been my PT for 6 months. I am proud to say that I am in my 50’s and through Shawn’s help I have been able to see these results through training and nutrition. I ran my first ever 11km Run which was the Sutherland to Surf and after that have completed 15km Spartan Challenge.
I am also a Coeliac (Gluten Intolerant) and with his nutritional guidance I have learnt to enjoy eating again and I have actually put on muscle.
What I love about Shawn is his holistic approach to his training programs, he has the art of addressing the client as a whole body, mind, and spirit and he does so with such passion.
Shawn is an amazing PT and I thank him from his great patience with me. I HIGHLY recommended Shawn to anyone who is serious about getting healthy.”
19 Apr

“Shawn is an amazing coach whom I can’t recommend highly enough.
I’ve had several personal trainers in the past, but Shawn is the first to factor psychology into my training regiments.
He’s a trainer, wise sage, and lifestyle coach rolled into one.
There is always a clarity in the program Shawn designs for me- it’s clear how each exercise builds and interconnects with each other.
He takes feedback and expertly folds it into my programs, always takes the time to discuss any concerns before any new programming phase. His communication is top notch.
I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life.
I’ve been trying to get this fit for last 5 years by myself- Shawn has helped me achieve this in just 5 months.
If you’ve tried the rest with no luck- it’s definitely time to try the best.”
19 Apr

“I have been training with Shawn for about a year now. He is definitely the most dedicated trainer I have ever met. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He supports his clients both physically and mentally. Shawn genuinely wants to see the people he works with succeed and get the best results they can.

He will do whatever it takes to help meal plans, phone advice, encouragement and goal setting. He has really helped me set goals and believe that I can achieve them. With his help I just lost 5kg in a recent 8 week weight loss challenge and am now working forwards the next 5. I am feeling much fitter and stronger both physically and mentally in recent years. He has also created a positive group of people who support each other in Alpha Athletics.”

19 Apr

“Shawn has changed my life for the better,
not only transformed my body but also my mindset toward making myself and my life better.
Lost 10kg, quit smoking and living a more active and happy lifestyle with my family and being able to keep up with my kids.
Shawn is a dedicated, positive and enthusiastic personal trainer who gives his best to insure you achieve beyond your expectations.
I’m 43 feeling like I’m 20 again.
Recommend 10/10″
19 Apr

“I met Shawn as a client, mentoring him through his bodybuilding goals with sights set on competing.

During our first conversation I was instantly predisposed to him. Shawn’s intelligence, openness, ability to pose interesting, challenging questions for an engaging conversation, his genuinely interested, listening manner and contagious laughter all make you feel you’re in a presence of a trusted friend, a gentleman, a peaceful warrior, a humble leader, a wise soul. Shawn’s physical ability, backed by sound knowledge, discipline, incredible work ethic and determination is truly admirable, positive and inspiring. Yet, his winning mindset is one of his strongest assets.

Don’t be surprised at his intuitively insightful psychology, which, I think, is a must have trait of all good coaches and leaders. Shawn can help you identify your fundamental ‘road blocks’ that keep you from being your best self and achieving big goals and help develop a strategy to raise above it. During the very difficult last weeks of his lengthy, first time ever, bodybuilding competition prep, while on very restricted calories, super busy senior PT role in his club, intense schedule and severe lack of sleep that goes with it, Shawn has maintained all the above qualities and utmost integrity while dealing with some challenging situations in the background and never missed a beat.

Now, that says a lot!.. regardless if you’ve never been there yourself. Shawn, to me, is what definition of a Champion IS and he’s proven it in many different disciplines time and time again.”

You will be in very good hands in Shawn’s care.

I couldn’t recommend him higher to anyone looking for a mentor and a coach.”

IFBB/NPFC Mr. Australasia 2007

IFBB/NPFC Mr. Australia 2009