21/04/2021 / Testimonials

“I have known Shawn as a trainer for many years, at our last gym Shawn was fully booked out and had so many clients that I was not able to train with him.  However as they say great things come to those that wait.  I have now been training with Shawn for 3 years.

Shawn provides the best combination of physical training, nutritional advice, information on the body dynamics and general wellbeing, as well as emotional support.  At every session Shawn pushes and encourages me to the max, to help me achieve things that I thought I could never do. He tailors the sessions according to the individual’s interests and goals. Shawn constantly shares research and information that he has found to empower and educate his clients. For Shawn the client is at the core of his work, and everything is done with the maximum of effort and the minimum of fuss.

Recently the long journey that Shawn has been on with me culminated in losing almost 30cm overall and being the female winner of 30 day challenge only second to the major award in Sutherland shire for the Miranda, Caringbah and Cronulla studios.  This was purely due to Shawn being the constant in supporting and driving me to my goals, as well as keeping me accountable.

In essence Shawn is a unique trainer in what he offers to his clients, an expert in his field, a mentor and support, but most importantly a great friend for a chat and a laugh. His words of wisdom have certainly influenced my life.  These special qualities which impact on how he approaches his profession, results in the creation of a very supportive community among him and his clients.

Shawn will be beside you on your journey to achieve your goals.

A multitude of “thank yous” to you Shawn.”