19/04/2021 / Testimonials

“Shawn has been my PT for 6 months. I am proud to say that I am in my 50’s and through Shawn’s help I have been able to see these results through training and nutrition. I ran my first ever 11km Run which was the Sutherland to Surf and after that have completed 15km Spartan Challenge.
I am also a Coeliac (Gluten Intolerant) and with his nutritional guidance I have learnt to enjoy eating again and I have actually put on muscle.
What I love about Shawn is his holistic approach to his training programs, he has the art of addressing the client as a whole body, mind, and spirit and he does so with such passion.
Shawn is an amazing PT and I thank him from his great patience with me. I HIGHLY recommended Shawn to anyone who is serious about getting healthy.”