19/04/2021 / Testimonials

“I met Shawn as a client, mentoring him through his bodybuilding goals with sights set on competing.

During our first conversation I was instantly predisposed to him. Shawn’s intelligence, openness, ability to pose interesting, challenging questions for an engaging conversation, his genuinely interested, listening manner and contagious laughter all make you feel you’re in a presence of a trusted friend, a gentleman, a peaceful warrior, a humble leader, a wise soul. Shawn’s physical ability, backed by sound knowledge, discipline, incredible work ethic and determination is truly admirable, positive and inspiring. Yet, his winning mindset is one of his strongest assets.

Don’t be surprised at his intuitively insightful psychology, which, I think, is a must have trait of all good coaches and leaders. Shawn can help you identify your fundamental ‘road blocks’ that keep you from being your best self and achieving big goals and help develop a strategy to raise above it. During the very difficult last weeks of his lengthy, first time ever, bodybuilding competition prep, while on very restricted calories, super busy senior PT role in his club, intense schedule and severe lack of sleep that goes with it, Shawn has maintained all the above qualities and utmost integrity while dealing with some challenging situations in the background and never missed a beat.

Now, that says a lot!.. regardless if you’ve never been there yourself. Shawn, to me, is what definition of a Champion IS and he’s proven it in many different disciplines time and time again.”

You will be in very good hands in Shawn’s care.

I couldn’t recommend him higher to anyone looking for a mentor and a coach.”

IFBB/NPFC Mr. Australasia 2007

IFBB/NPFC Mr. Australia 2009